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“He will teach us His ways

so that we may walk in His paths”

Isaiah 2: 3 NIV

The Daily Devotional was first compiled in 2000 and has been used by thousands of people. Since then it has been updated and amplified. It is based on the book “Today God Says” by Clift Richards and Lloyd Hildebrand, published by Victory House and used with their permission. The text has been Anglicised and more material has been added.

Known to many as Pastor Colin, Rev. Colin E. Taylor, FCA, CTA, MCMI, is a retired Pastor. Born in Shrewsbury, England, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant and worked for a number of companies, including some in the GKN and EMI groups. In July 1977 he became Pastor of the Perivale Mission Church in Middlesex and served there for thirty years. During this time he founded Perivale Christian Centre, which included a Christian Bookshop and a Distribution Centre for Christian products. He retired in August 2007 and he and his wife moved to Warminster, in south Wiltshire. His wife, Margaret, died in 2018. He has recently authored a number of Devotional books which feature on the Devotional Books page of this site. Each book has a link so that you can order copies through Amazon.

Churches, groups and individuals may freely use the Daily Devotional on their website, using the link colinsdevotional.com/dailydevotional.html

“Her ways are pleasant ways

And all her paths are peace”

Proverbs 3: 17 NIV

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